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  • Many people asking about Ravencoin use cases, so here is a rough example
    by /u/menardo3 on August 9, 2021 at 1:26 pm

    Edit: this is a VERY rough example. Maybe a farm isn’t the best idea, but I’m just trying to demonstrate asset and payout structure through Ravencoin.(End Edit) If the community could help refine this business idea with me, that would be excellent. I am active in real estate and have 700 acres of farmland behind my house for sale. There are only a few current uses of Ravencoin, such as a resort tokenizing themselves on the blockchain, a valuable gemstone, real estate, and lots of NFTs. But I’m going to rattle off a business idea that me and another user discussed the other day at how tokenizing an entire farm would work. Bear with me. Raven’s Main Asset creation burns 500 Raven. Each main Asset can be issued with up to 21 billion tokens/shares, and it can be created to be reissuable or a one time issuance. Each main asset can have sub assets linked to them for a cost of burning 100 Ravencoin. For example, if I own a farm and want to tokenize my farm’s business to raise capital, my business structure is as follows: Create main asset FARM_NAME Create Sub Asset FARM_NAME/FIELD_1 Create Sub Asset FARM_NAME/FIELD_1/CROP_NAME The list continues depending on how many fields and crops you have. This is a rough idea of how it would work. Create the main asset of my farm, then sub assets for each field and crop. Every year, I reissue new crop sub assets and offer them to the public. The public purchases the crop subtokens. The price of risk, insurance, potential profit, and anything you think of could be calculated into the price of each token. If the owner of the farm wants to raise $50,000 for each crop, 1 crop sub token would be initially issued at 5 cents if the farmer offered 1 million crop tokens for that given year. If the tokens are deemed valuable, they can be traded by the public on an exchange and a premium might be paid for them, giving the farmer an instant higher valuation of their crops/business, and everyone who wants to hold the crop tokens has the ability to through trading/swapping other assets that exist in the blockchain. The way I would do this is write a clause in the whitepaper of my business plan that crop tokens must be traded back at the end of the harvest year to receive your payout from owning part of my business. If the crop token holders don’t send them back to me, I don’t pay them. Minimizing risk between both parties. Again, this is just a rough example of how this may all work. At the beginning of the next harvest year, I reissue the subasset for whatever crop I am planting and the process restarts. I could also just issue 1 million FARM tokens and have the public trade those tokens around, so they would be investing in the entire farm’s profits instead of specific crops. There are many ways to do this. Another example would be a boat rental in the state of Florida. I create the main asset BOAT_NAME and the issuance price of each token takes into account costs of the boat throughout the year, risk, boat insurance, profit goals, etc. Since the boat never stops being used, there would be no trade back of the tokens needed for payout. The public would simply trade around the issued tokens and they would go up/down in value, which would raise/lower the value of my boat rental business. Let’s not forget that main assets can be set as reissuable or non-reissuable. So I, as the asset owner, have the option to offer more tokens/shares as needed to fund my business more and offer more ownership possibilities to the public. Payouts can be in RVN, which could theoretically be traded for anything (Fiat, other cryptos, etc.) submitted by /u/menardo3 [link] [comments]

What is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a throwback to the classic days of cryptocurrency. It is a fairly launched PoW (Proof-of-Work) coin, just like Bitcoin initially was. It is a free and open source project. Users can issue and control utility, game & securities digital assets/ tokens.

Learn more on the Ravencoin website: https://ravencoin.org/

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