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  • How can I buy SiaCoin in Hawaiโ€™i?
    by /u/Danyosann on April 3, 2021 at 4:31 am

    Recommended platforms? Please add below. View Poll submitted by /u/Danyosann [link] [comments]

  • Who is actually ahead in development? Siacoin or Filecoin?
    by /u/Fightochemical on April 3, 2021 at 12:51 am

    Filecoin seems so fishy to me. Any ICO does. Does anyone know which one is ahead in development? Or is no one privy to that information? What happens in 5 years time if Siacoin is hella far ahead in implementation and use, does Filecoin tank and Siacoin starts leaching into its price point? Or will Filecoin be at a high respectable price (depending on if they don't rug pull and run away with the cash), that it just becomes another currency with value like Litecoin or Monero inspite of its actual use? EDIT: Also, a much more pertinent question. Is decentralised cloud storage actually needed? What's the benefit of it over Google or Microsoft or Apple? Is it just security? If someone could explain to me why someone would choose a decentralised cloud storage like Siacoin over the major centralised cloud storage, I would really come around to investing, I'm struggling to grasp its utility and demand. submitted by /u/Fightochemical [link] [comments]

  • Siacoin as popular as others storage coins according to 350 votes in Twitter ! + Listing soon coinbase = ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
    by /u/SaleJeru on April 2, 2021 at 9:43 pm

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  • Sia Hosting Feedback update
    by /u/tutemwesi on April 2, 2021 at 8:33 pm

    Hi all Thank you so much for the feedback you all provided under the Hosting Survey here: We will keep this open for those that may have not seen it so please feel free to share or fill in if you host, or have considered it! The responses in the survey were very positive and I have fed back to The Foundation points raised around managing host financials, reporting etc. They will take this feedback and let you know once there are definitive work packages to look at. One theme we noticed in the response to the hosting survey was that around configuring port-forwarding and issues around doing so. I thought it would therefore be a good idea to summarise a few things and provide a source of information that can be used in tandem with the great support articles Sia has on the subject already. We are talking here specifically about a scenario where a user is looking to host at home, behind a residential router and connection as generally, that is the only connection type where you’d need to worry about port-forwarding Bandwidth I will preface this by saying that although infrastructure globally is slowly improving for the residential market, the number one recommendation is to consider your bandwidth. The more the better. The majority of residential connections are asymmetrical whereby your download speed and your upload speed do not match. As a host, the more upload you have, the faster a client can download from you. The more download, the faster a client can potentially push data to you. Topology In most instances, a home user will have a modem, a wifi-capable router and then devices connected directly to the built-in switch. Or a device that does all of that in one. Although WifI speeds are improving, it is recommended to use a direct wired Ethernet connection where possible. Powerline extenders are notoriously bad and can exhibit odd stability issues. NAT & Port Forwarding There are many different forms and implementations of NAT. For a home network, the default implementation usually allows all your privately internal addressed hosts ‘outbound’ NAT, sharing your external ISP provided public address to initiate connections to the internet. Your router will then track the state of these connections. For inbound connections, you need to explicitly configure Port Forwarding. This is to allow external public internet addresses to initiate connections inbound to you - to form contracts, upload data, etc. The survey indicated that this was one of the most problematic areas in setting up hosting. In a basic topology like a home network, the basic steps to get this right would be: Using ipconfig or network properties or similar on windows (Linux it is usually found using ‘ip a’ or ifconfig) take a note of your Sia hosts IP address. It is usually addressed within or network Refer to the following websites that have a collection of screen-shots for nearly all routers: You can then use the above to allow TCP 9981 - 9984 to your private IP NEVER allow 9980 Be sure to check any local firewalling, and firewalling if required on your router can then be used to verify you have opened the ports correctly The above information and guidance are also available in greater detail within the official support article here: Also, feel free to reach out to me and others on Discord ( Thanks! submitted by /u/tutemwesi [link] [comments]

  • Ledger compatibility for Siacoin is not happening fast enough
    by /u/GCryptoG on April 2, 2021 at 8:21 pm

    A ledger wallet that only works in developer mode for Siacoin in 2021 is unacceptable. submitted by /u/GCryptoG [link] [comments]

  • Question About Siacoin Collateral
    by /u/gaviniboom on April 2, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    Hey all, I had a btrfs failure that destroyed 16GB/200GB of my data. Lesson learned: don't use btrfs raid 6 with disks that may have constant critical medium errors. Now do I lose collateral for those 16GB, or do I lose collateral for all the contracts including anything in the 16GB (which is a random amount between 16GB and 200GB?) submitted by /u/gaviniboom [link] [comments]

  • The cryptocurrency subreddit seems ignorant about Siacoin.
    by /u/InvestigatorNorthMan on April 2, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    The /r/cryptocurrency group seems skeptical about Siacoin. Comments such as "hot in 2016" abound. I don't have the karma to post but other members may be interested and wish to contribute. The thread is: submitted by /u/InvestigatorNorthMan [link] [comments]

  • Siacoin first time mention on coinbase gainers today.
    by /u/eletricmozzieracket on April 2, 2021 at 6:11 pm

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  • Sia Foundation Transparency Report (Q1 2021)
    by /u/lukechampine on April 2, 2021 at 1:11 am

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  • Happy 37,000 fellow Siaโ€™s! I had some die cut matte stickers made for you all! I only have 55 of them. Letโ€™s build a strong support presence for this technology and for all involved.๐Ÿ’š
    by /u/Digital__Native on April 2, 2021 at 12:37 am

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  • Blockchain Cloud Storage: Filecoin (FIL), Storj (STORJ), Burst (BURST)... oh yeah, & SiaCoin (SC)
    by /u/s618o on April 1, 2021 at 4:20 pm

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  • Sia Foundation, Fork and Future Explained for (not only) Newcomers
    by /u/DangerCZE on February 6, 2021 at 7:05 pm

    Since these questions are very common, lets turn this post into a guide. But before I start, I would like to warn everyone from scams. Never click on links that anyone sends you, even if it's message or email from someone looking like Sia. Don't trust anyone who contacts you - always be the one who finds the information himself/herself. Sia updates are also never mandatory. You couldn't update for a decade and then just install latest version and your coins would still be there. Always make sure you are downloading the software from actual Sia site ( This guide will have six parts: I am new to Sia & Skynet, Where should I start? What is the Sia Foundation? Why forking now? First, let's look into the history a bit. What is the purpose of recent fork, do I have to do anything? I love it, how can I contribute? Important Links ​ 1. I am new to Sia & Skynet, Where should I start? There are two excellent new sources of information, revamped Official Sia Support Site and new community managed site with ambition of become the single place you need to learn everything, SkynetWiki. If you are new, best way to begin is in this order: Introduction to Sia Tokenomics (Siacoin & Siafund) Introduction to Skynet You can also see some products built with Sia ( and with Skynet ( Next major update to Skynet is expected around March. And here is recent Skynet presentation from Ethereum Denver event (as you can see, the video is hosted on Skynet and accessed through any of these portals, all of these links (just change domain) lead to the same file - it's like uploading video to Google Drive and immediately being able to watch it on Twitch, Apple TV, YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go and also download it from Amazon, Apple, Dropbox and others, including your own computer - and when it's your own computer, no one can ever tell you what you can or cannot to do). ​ 2. What is the Sia Foundation? It is a new non-profit entity led by Luke Champine (Co-Founder of Sia project) that builds and supports distributed cloud storage infrastructure, with a specific focus on the Sia storage platform. It plans to implement small file support, improve hosting and implement Utreexo, which will dramatically reduce blockchain requirement and open new possibilities for numerous devices acting as a Sia node. It will use the newly gained resources for good of the network. To hire developers, attract more 3rd party developers to build on the platform, pay legal expenses related to protection of hosts and fund other activities and efforts the community calls for - this all will be transparent since as an non-profit org it needs to follow laws. Any coins that cannot be reasonably spent were promised to be burnt. Official way of communicating with Sia Foundation is through its forum: ​ 3. Why forking now? First, let's look into the history a bit. Why now? Well, let's look at how other projects "fake it until they make it". They collect enormous amount of money at beginning. All they have are promises and as we have seen, they are very rarely fulfilled. Their development is paid from ICO's, pre-mines and other forms of getting money for tokens you dump to the naive people thinking they are investing into something meaningful. Just look at the ridiculous stuff like Filecoin or BittTorent and underlaying tokenomics. How is this even possible? Well, that's the crypto world the people's actions helped to grow. Are you tired of it? Then pick your projects and investments (even if just speculative) better. Sia was developed so far for 7 years and not a single cent from all the money people invested into mining and buying SC on exchanges actually helped the development. Numerous people and companies got fortune by trading SC or manufacturing hardware, but entire development was paid initially through distribution of Siafunds and vast majority was paid by VCs investing directly into the developer employing company, Nebulous. Total amount of funds raised was around $9M, from whose about $6.6M if I recall it correctly was used on development of Sia. The rest was used through 2020 to develop Skynet and more than double the team size. Now you understand that unlike other projects and their tokens, Sia achieved this all without benefiting anything out of the Siacoin itself. The fork is coming now because developers got into the point where Sia is ready and works. It is not perfect and it doesn't have all features people want. But it powers several products including layer two publishing platform (or decentralized internet if you want), Skynet. However, the developers can no longer justify cost of development of new core Sia features because if they do it, they will run out of money and will have to end. Only way forward is one that clearly separates what is expected from each party. Sia Foundation can now upgrade and maintain the core technology and rest of the team (funded by VCs) rebrands as a Skynet Labs that can focus on what people asked several years for - to rise awareness, attract app devs and bring the tech to the mainstream. This all is powered by SC and both layers grow with each other. You can better understand it from this simple Scheme: Sia & Skynet ​ 4. What is the purpose of recent fork, do I have to do anything? The purpose is simple. In order for Sia Foundation to continue development of the core tech, it requires funding. If you did carefully read the previous section, you might start to realize why I mentioned it. When people see that Sia Foundation now controls about 3.5% of entire coin supply, their first reaction is often that they are worried about effect on price of SC, now after 7 years of building without seeing any funding from community. At the same time they completely forget that other projects got paid ahead, before actually building anything but hyped community. Sounds like double-meter to me and it really hurts to see how other projects can come away with it. While we don't know if the Sia Foundation will need to sell some coins on market to pay the development costs, if you look at the numbers above, you will understand that the value of coins in possession is way more than they spent in 7 years of development. And if possible, they said they will prioritize selling OTC without affecting the market price. I think I can speak for entire active community when I say that we strongly believe that this is one of super tiny number of projects that are doing it right and will win in the long run. It can do something that others cannot - it doesn't need to fake numbers and comparison charts only to look better. It can tell you to try the competition and see the difference for yourself. It won't be perfect (yet) as every project has issues, but these are just a matter of funding. Other projects have way worse issues and are broken on fundamental level. It's also fair to state that many of us also hold SC, which is only natural when you are helping to build the ecosystem, but it goes far beyond. This post is not made to convince you to get some too. This post is attempt to provide newcomers with clear explanation of what's going on, why and provide learning resources to see for yourself. What you do with this information is up to you. If you also hold some SC and want to know if you need to do anything, see detailed fork guides here:, ​ 5. I love it, how can I contribute? Despite this all, the community around Sia and Skynet is amazing and absolute best. Stop by our discord and look for yourself: You can also see the links below and start exploring the tech, renting, hosting or building new apps. If you just shortly scratch the surface, you will realize what opportunities this open to anyone. Entire decentralized platforms can be built on top of Sia and Skynet. Even existing projects can easily use them as a storage layer. And if you are serious developer, you will quickly realize I am right and this is easier than you thought is possible. Not years later, but now. Best you can do right now is to read about it, give it a try. There are countless wallets letting you send transactions but how many projects can let you do what Sia does? In any case, since some of you want to INVEST into Sia, well... this is not meant as financial advice, but I can tell you that if you are new to this, I would forget trying to mine (unless you know what you do) and if you want to start earning SC as a host, start small will low risk and learn how it works. Once familiar and the network gets bigger, you will be ready and skilled enough to responsibly run a host and plug in more storage. And if you understand that SC powers all Sia and Skynet and growth of network inevitably means increased demand for the currency powering it, you should understand what this means for the underlaying asset if this all was interesting enough for you to read it all. It's possibly going to be interesting for others as well. I am asking everyone, open your eyes. I know you all love De-Fi and other stuff, but imagine what can be done with decentralized technology for which entire De-Fi industry could be just a single application. ​ Important Links: Sia Website - Sia 101 Infographic - Support Center - How to get Siacoin - Sia Wiki - Sia's API docs - ​ Community and Social Sia Blog - The new Sia forums - Discord - Twitter - Reddit - GitLab - ​ Skynet Use Skynet: Skynet Overview: Explore apps built on Skynet: Introduction to Skynet SDKs: Skynet SDK Docs: Building your first app on Skynet: Sia/Skynet Workshops: Introducing SkyDB: An example SkyDB app: submitted by /u/DangerCZE [link] [comments]

What is Siacoin?

Siacoin was launched in the Summer of 2016. It has a unique goal in that it aims to use cryptocurrency blockchain technology to create a decentralized cloud storage platform. This would allow for the storage and transfer of data around the world with no servers, no trusted third parties, and no signups. The Sia platform is powered by the Siacoin cryptocurrency which allows for a data storage marketplace to form that is, in theory, more robust and lower-cost than normal cloud storage providers.

Learn more on the Siacoin website:

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