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  • A new design to showcase the importance of DigiByte
    by /u/saltedlolly on July 21, 2021 at 2:16 pm

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  • DigiByte Update - #252 - Dive in to LifeHash Insurance whitepaper, Crypty Beanie & DigiByte v8 dev
    by /u/Bozzooo on July 20, 2021 at 5:04 am

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  • r/DigiByte Weekly Live Chat
    by /u/AutoModerator on July 19, 2021 at 6:00 am

    Welcome to the weekly live chat! As always, adhere to the rules of this subreddit, and more importantly, have a great time communing! Love from DigiByte! 💙 submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

  • DigiByte Update - #253 - Fixing the infinite supply of DGB, and acknowledgement of community effort!
    by /u/saltedlolly on July 17, 2021 at 9:35 am

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  • Clarification from the Twitter @DigiByteCoin account
    by /u/saltedlolly on July 17, 2021 at 7:28 am

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  • Wanna make a launch of DigiByte V8 amazing together?
    by /u/hohena6465 on June 11, 2021 at 3:48 pm

    So, the version 8 of DigiByte is in the works as we all know, and it will include some of the best updates we have seen so far. Really awesome and exciting stuff, and we can only thank the developers and everyone else behind that. DigiByte is already fastest, longest and more secure UTXO blockchain, and they are making it even better. But as we all know, there is no budget for marketing DigiByte or paying "influencers" and famous people to spread the word about it. And that will be a very important part going forward. When the version 8 is released and the response is pretty low key, it wont do us much good... BUT... if we work together and prepare for the launch and make it as awesome as we can... then we can benefit a lot from it. You may be wondering how can we do it better together... and no, you dont need to code, write content or create videos... its much simpler and it will make it much better. Most of us are not coders or great writers or great on camera, but we can still contribute A LOT. We just need to focus on what we actually can do to make the launch much more amazing. For one... we can focus on maximally growing the community to prepare for the launch so that when it happens, we have more people talking about it and spreading a word everywhere. And that is very simple and we all can do it. It takes a few minutes each day and like I said, it will make a day and night of difference if we do it together and consistently until a launch. First of all, we should all push our community on twitter. If you dont have an account yet on twitter, make one. It doesnt matter if you have 0 followers, your likes, retweets, hashtags will still count. And it wont require you to write any tweets or post any content there. We all just need to follow everyone on twitter who advocates, promotes and posts good content about digibyte. Then... we should scroll through our twitter feed daily, like and retweet all the good digibyte related tweets, and maybe even leave a nice comment on some. That takes 5 minutes per day and will make a massive difference. If you have some extra time, you can search twitter for #digibyte, sort by newest and like and retweet the good ones there too. This will dramatically help us grow the community on twitter, increase our numbers, so when the update comes we will have thousands of likes and retweets. That will give us a much bigger reach. Also with following and engaging with smaller accounts, you will encourage them to produce and write more content about digibyte, reaching even more people. Twitter is very good platform to make a huge push because a majority of crypto population is on there, and we can have amazing reach. The next thing we can do is support content creators on youtube. Watch digibyte related videos on youtube, like them, engage with them and maybe even leave a comment. Digibyte related videos receive a lot of views on youtube, and that shows other content creators that its worth making videos on digibyte, and again, more content to reach more people 🙂 Also liking, commenting and watching digibyte related videos will signal to youtube that its good content, and the algorithm is much more likely to pick the video up and recommend it to more people. That also doesnt have to take a lot of time, you can do other things while playing the video. Just search for digibyte on youtube, filter by upload (this week or this month) and watch the videos. The more views, likes and comments we can get on digibyte related videos, the more we will show its well worth it to make digibyte related content, and other content creators will notice that too. The next thing we can do is be active here on reddit. Reply to other people's threads, start your own and write some awesome stuff, chat with others and so on... people will notice that and feel welcomed here and will spend more time here and of course, tell others about it. And, we will grow our reddit community too 🙂 If you wanna do a little more, you can go in other subreddits and engage with others who might not even hear about digibyte yet. Lots of people are constantly asking questions, which crypto, what coin, etc... introduce them to digibyte, tell them the benefits and invite them to the community. You will probably get a lot of haters that way, but that doesnt matter. Dont focus on that. Focus on those who are interested in learning more and get those to join us 🙂 The same is with facebook, tiktok, and pretty much everything else on the internet. Wherever you are, you can always do these little actions every day and it will help us grow in the long run. PLEASE REMEMBER, that every little action has a much bigger effect. Your like on a twitter post is not just one more like... it might be your like that triggers the algorithm to show that post to more people, or it might be your retweet that gets someone else to like and retweet too. Your comment on a youtube video is not just a comment for the day.. Someone might be watching that video 2 months from now, read your commend, do a research and join us. Your like on a video is not just 1 more like on the video, it might be that exact like that triggers youtube's algorithm to show it to more people as a recommended video. And getting just one person to join us can make all the difference we need. Maybe we get seen by a developer who will join us and build a next big thing with Digibyte. Maybe we get picked up by a huge youtuber who will make a video about digibyte, helping us massively with awareness and attracting new people. Maybe we get someone with high level connections on board who sees the value and gets us places... WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS THE CONSISTENCY. We need to be doing this every day. And thats good, because it takes very little time as you can see and pretty much no effort. We dont need to write content, write tweets, create videos and so on.. .We already have a lot of awesome content creators. It is more then enough just to engage with the content that we already have. So lets take the matters into our own hands and lets prepare for the launch of version 8 as good as we can. Together. We have a chance to show everyone who decides to ignore DigiByte that we dont really need anyone and that we will do it on our own, and we will come out on top. I know it was a long post and thanks for sticking through it, I hope you will decide to do it and we move the mountains together 😉 submitted by /u/hohena6465 [link] [comments]

What is DigiByte?

DigiByte markets itselfs as one of the fastest, longest, oldest and most secure UTXO blockchains in the world. It was launched on January 10th, 2014 and is currently ranked in the top 100 coins by Market Capitalization. It has a unique advantage of utilizing 5 different mining algorithms with the stated goal of preventing the centralization of mining operations that is usually experienced when a coin or project is based on one mining algorithm. The most recent algorithm is Odocrypt which was added July 21th, 2019. This algorithm is unique in that it changes itself every 10 days. With a block speed of 15 seconds, DigiByte also aims to compete as one of the quickest blockchains when it comes to settling user transactions. It has also implemented SegWit which brings the possibility for cross-chain transactions to other SegWit enabled coins like Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Learn more on the DigiByte website: https://www.digibyte.io/

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