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100 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow

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Crypto twitter is one of the most dynamic and engaging online communities you can find. It’s full of enlightening discussions of (possibly) the most important economic breakthrough of the 21st century. It’s also filled with frauds, shills, and shitposters. Searching for signal in this noise can be tough, but if you’re willing to put in the time you can build a great list of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow.

Not willing to put in that time? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive list of 100 essential crypto accounts on Twitter that you should be following:

100 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts

The OGs

These are all accounts that have been active since long before the 2017 crypto bubble. These people have already made their fortune and it comes through in their tweets. Often accused of being “lucky” despite the fact that they were smart enough to trade from 2014-2015 when everyone else thought crypto was dead. Priceless wisdom to be had by following them, but they won’t make it easy for you to find. All funny, some with darker humor than others.

1. Crypto Cobain

The founder of Crypto Twitter.

2. Loops

A (Russian?) duck that likes to do drugs and tweet about Bitcoin.

3. ThisIsNuse

Active trader, great follow for tips on lesser-known coins.

4. Notsofast

Legendary altcoin miner. Will help you stay ahead of the curve on potential new opportunities. Big fan of Dragonchain.

5. I am Nomad

Follow for intelligent discussion of high-level trading concepts and timely retweets of the Chicago police scanner.

6. Loomdart

The most prolific Twitter user of all the OGs. Creator of the Loomlines technical indicator.

7. Needacoin

The least sarcastic of these OGs. Actually seems genuinely nice at times.

8. Bitlord

Consistently ridiculous. Side gig as an investigative journalist and broke the COVID-19 story from inside China in late January 2020.

9. Sicarious

One of the most well-respected accounts. Comments on the entire community.

10. Cryptopathic

Called the top of the 2017 bubble perfectly. Doesn’t tweet much, but listen when he does.

The Captains of Industry

These people head up some of the most important businesses and organizations in the cryptocurrency space. Generally a bit more “professional” than other crypto twitter accounts.

11. Arthur Hayes

Co-founder and CEO of BitMEX, the world’s playground for leveraged BTC trading.

12. Jihan Wu

Co-founder of BITMAIN. His company is the leading producer of Bitcoin mining hardware in the world. Likely has control over more hashing power than any other human on earth.

13. Elizabeth Stark

Co-founder of Lightning labs which many community members believe is pioneering the best way forward for Bitcoin’s scaling issues.

14. Samson Mow

CSO of Blockstream, another company looking to help solve Bitcoin’s scaling issues.

15. Brian Armstrong

Co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, the #1 on-ramp to cryptocurrency for US citizens.

16. Bary Silbert

Early Bitcoin investor. Influential within a number of companies via his firm DigitalCurrencyGroup.

17. Jebus

CEO of Tezos.

18. CZ

CEO at Binance, the world’s #1 exchange by volume for cryptocurrency trading.

19. Erik Voorhees

Early investor and outspoken Bitcoin supporter. CEO at crypto-to-crypto exchange

20. Jack

CEO of Twitter and Square and an outspoken Bitcoin supporter.

21. Neeraj

Communications director for Coincenter, the cryptocurrency policy think tank. Quite possibly the most powerful voice for crypto in Washington D.C.

The Devs

All of the accounts listed here have experience maintaining the actual code that drives some of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. Good resources for filtering out the BS that is spouted by much of crypto twitter. Will be the first to call out dumb ideas that aren’t technically feasible.

22. Romano

Developer of Viacoin, crypto twitter’s unofficial favorite coin. Caused a month-long bull-run by fulfilling a crypto twitter prophecy.

23. Charlie Lee

Original developer behind Litecoin, one of the earliest and most popular “altcoins” to Bitcoin.

24. Riccardo Spagni

Core developer for privacy coin Monero. Streetwear aficionado.

25. Adam Back

Cryptographer who invented the Hashcash protocol. Hashcash was cited in the Bitcoin white-paper by Satoshi Nakamoto as an influence for the proof-of-work algorithm that powers bitcoin.

26. Vitalik

Lead developer of Ethereum. Outgoing. Active Twitter feed full of casual and technical discussion surrounding Ethereum and many other projects in the space.

27. Charles Hoskinson

CEO of IOHK and founder of Cardano and Ethereum* (co-founder*). Make sure you know that or he may yell at you.

28. Zooko

Founder and developer of privacy-focused altcoin Zcash.

29. Peter Todd

Early Bitcoin core contributor. #21 all time on GitHub in terms of total commits to Core’s GitHub repo. Strong opinions on crypto and tech in general.

30. Luke Dashjr

Another long-time Bitcoin Core contributor. #10 all time on GitHub. Critical commentary on Bitcoin and, sporadically, traditional Roman Catholicism.

31. David Schwartz

We don’t consider Ripple (XRP) to be a legitimate cryptocurrency, but learning about it is essential to understanding the community. Schwartz is the CTO at Ripple.

The Content Creators

There’s no shortage of crypto-related content in the form of videos, articles, podcasts, and more. A lot of it is trash. These accounts are reliable sources for high-quality content that will actually help you learn.

32. Dum

Host of Shitcoin talk, the best show committed purely to trading bitcoin and altcoins.

33. CryptoCronkite

The undisputed source for quality updates on what is happening with Crypto Twitter. Browse the feed when you need to catch up.

34. CryptoDale

Co-Host of the CryptoStreetPod which does some of the best interviews in the industry. Busch Light Enthusiast.

35. Leigh Cuen

Reporter for CoinDesk. One of the few journalists you will find that actually puts effort into mastering the space.

36. Aaron Van Wirdum

Technical Editor for Bitcoin Magazine. An absolute must follow if you want to understand the mechanics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Quite possibly the industry’s best writer in general.

37. Andreas Antonopoulos

The most prolific producer of content with the purpose of making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accessible to the masses.

38. CryptoTaxGirl

The #1 public expert when it comes to United States cryptocurrency tax law. Super insightful and always open to questions.

39. Bitmex Research

There is no-one putting out more consistent, detailed, high-level research on cryptocurrencies. The content arm of the BitMEX exchange.

40. Hotkatchina

The original crypto model.

41. Dr. Peter McCormack

Single-handedly got Bitcoin SV delisted from Binance. Host of the What Bitcoin Did Bitcoin podcast.

42. Crypto Christopher Walken

Your best resource for learning about cryptocurrency mining.

The Best Crypto Traders

A lot of people are into cryptocurrencies because they want to get rich. These guys are doing it better than most. Plenty of posts on technical price analysis of different coins and they are usually open to answering questions (if you ask nicely). Remember though, this is not investment advice. Most of these people have cartoon characters for AVIs. Imagine explaining to your wife that you lost the kid’s college fund because you made your investment decisions based on a cartoon Jalapeno from Twitter.

Borrow their knowledge, these people are smart. But make your own decisions.

43. DonAlt

Crypto Twitter’s current most popular trader. Exceptional content.

44. CryptoCred

Offers a huge amount of free Technical Analysis lessons and articles. Brutally honest.

45. Majin

Manic liquidity game-theorist.

46. SalsaTekila

A pepper drinking a margarita that is extremely active and constantly posting charts. Conducts trading live streams on Twitch.

47. Flood

Appears to have made a good amount of money gambling on BitMEX.

48. Hsaka

Consistent producer of educational content and commentary about gibbons.

49. MoonOverlord

A prolific shitposter. Sometimes an insightful chart as well.

50. VentureCoinist

One of the rare high-profile traders that doesn’t try to maintain some form of anonymity. Prolific charter and also runs a podcast.

51. Tm3k

Extremely disciplined and focused trader. Feed can sometimes seem a little boring since he is so focused on price action.

52. CacheBoi

Prolific trader. Also a Blockchain thought leader.

Note: There are a lot of crypto trader accounts on Twitter that will try to get you to pay for access to their “exclusive private trading group”. 95% of these accounts are frauds trying to take advantage of gullible newbies. All of the useful technical analysis you need to succeed in the cryptocurrency space is available for free if you are willing to hunt for it. Don’t get scammed.

The Feds

53. Chris Giancarlo

Chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The highest ranking U.S. Government official to openly support cryptocurrencies.

The Haters

There is never a shortage of talking heads predicting the death of cryptocurrencies. If the price of bitcoins is falling, these Twitter accounts won’t miss a chance to gloat:

54. Nouriel Roubini

The Buc Nasty of hating Bitcoin.

55. Paul Krugman

The go-to economist for New York Times op-eds that hate on cryptocurrency.

56. Buttcoin

The OG Bitcoin hater.

57. Jim Rickards

Gold bug that hates anyone who entertains the thought that Bitcoin could be a considered a gold alternative.

58. Peter Schiff

Another gold bug that tweets about Bitcoin more than his favorite commodity.

59. Adam Singer

Sober takes on everything wrong with cryptocurrency. Beyond crypto hating, great follow for digital marketing news and stock tips.

The Zealots

Most of Crypto Twitter approaches the industry with at least a slight bit of skepticism. They prepare themselves, to varying degrees, for the possibility that this whole economic experiment is a waste of time. The following accounts do not:

60. Anthony Pompliano

Your source for pure, unadulterated, crypto market hopium.

61. Naval

Silicon Valley angel investor and part-time blockchain hopium dealer.

62. Parabolic Trav

“Your Bitcoin #HODL spirit guide for the journey to $100,000 and beyond”. The most over-the-top optimistic crypto twitter account. Stopped tweeting for most of the 2018 bear market, so when he starts tweeting a lot….you should probably sell.

63. Jameson Lopp

Self-described cypherpunk.

64. Bitcoin Bunnies

Exactly what you think it is.

The Real MVPs

These accounts don’t fall into any neat category, but all deserve a follow if you want to diversify your crypto twitter feed. Good mix of experienced users and newer accounts with high-quality, informative content. Plenty of controversial food takes and offensive political commentary as well.

65. Stardust

Tweets in his own language. Funny af. Possibly Satoshi.

66. Starbust

An account Stardust uses to talk to himself. Smol ting. The chronicler of crypto twitter.

67. WasserPest

Stardust sock puppet account. An intellectual giant.

68. CryptoChimp

The best original crypto memes on Twitter.

69. AztecBTC

Commentary, memes, and TA.

70. blknoiz06

Author of one of the most comprehensive beginner guides to Bitcoin you can find.

71. JoeCow

“Blurring the lines between shitposting and genuine stupidity”.

72. Beastlyorion

Plenty of joke posts but a lot of honest conversation regarding promising altcoin trades and the overall market.

73. Actual Advice BTC

Trader who made his money and is living the dream in Thailand.

74. BitcoinBella

Crypto Twitter ambassador to Dog Twitter.

75. The Crypto Dog

Sometimes gets sidetracked posting food pictures like it’s Instagram, but in general offers solid industry commentary.

76. Lowstrife

Doesn’t tweet a lot but always insightful.

77. StopAndDecrypt

Technical insights mixed with Bitcoin maximalism.

78. CryptoGainz

Insightful charts mixed with bitter sarcasm.

79. Shillhouse

Insightful charts mixed with bitter sarcasm.

80. Sir TT

At one point, apparently, was a crypto trader. Now mainly tweets about deadlifting. Still hilarious.

81. Dan Dark Pill

“Art and science. Bitcoin”. He’s brilliant.

82. StormXBT

The only crypto account followed by Ethan Klein.

83. Mocho

Psychedelic Hyena hunter of crypto gems. #IHaveABag

84. Ambroid

Nuanced macro analysis and a cute Corgi pic.

85. Pato Patinyo

Psychedelic Spaceman hunter of crypto gems.

86. BullyEsq

Crypto Twitter’s resident lawyer. Bad food takes.

87. Socal

Crypto miner and trader with an eye for new and undervalued coins.

88. Secrets of Crypto

Doesn’t tweet often, but worth paying attention when he/her/it does.

89. Crypto Bobby

Interviews, industry analysis, and depressing tweets about the Jets.

90. The Don

A solid bridge between crypto twitter and gambling twitter.

The Normal People Pulled Into Crypto

It’s always good to make sure you’re balancing out your Twitter feed. These accounts aren’t 100% committed to posting about cryptocurrencies, but they do dabble. They’ll help you gain the perspective of a knowledgeable outsider.

91. Elon Musk

Probably owns 5% of the crypto supply but can’t tweet about it directly because the SEC sucks. Ex-CEO of Dogecoin.

92. John Bollinger

Legendary technical analyst and trader. Has an indicator named after him (Bollinger Bands). Super accessible and willing to discuss ideas with followers.

93. Peter Brandt

Another veteran trader of traditional markets whose attention has been captured by cryptocurrencies.

94. Ramp Capital

CFO of Finance Twitter.

95. Preston Byrne

Libertarian attorney. Self-described “blockchain nerd” but also one of the most reliably thorough skeptics of the entire space.

96. Nick Szabo

Still rooted in crypto (he’s a “smart contracts pioneer”, but his commentary spans a wealth of other topics including political science, economics, and history.

97. Jackson Palmer

The original developer behind Dogecoin. Has definitely tried to distance himself from the space, but he still keeps a close eye on it. Another excellent voice for skepticism.

98. Tim Draper

Venture capitalist who famously purchased 30,000 BTC via the US government’s first-ever auction of bitcoins. The bitcoins were seized from the illicit dark-web marketplace The Silk Road.

99. John McAfee

Insane, but still a must-follow.

100. Tai Lopez

The best indicator that you should sell some crypto. Started putting out Bitcoin content near the top of the 2017 bubble. Ended in early 2018. When he starts talking about Bitcoin again, a new top is likely near.

The Exchanges

You won’t get much in the way of commentary from these accounts, but they’re an essential follow due to the effect that their announcements can have on the market.

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